5 Packaging News For New York in 5 August 2022

packaging news in august 2022

For August 2022, there are a handful of noteworthy headlines in packaging for New York . These include a growing demand for sustainable packaging and real-time authentication challenges in packaging. Other stories this month include Dazpack Flexible Packaging’s expansion in the Midwest. And finally, SunDance, an environmentally friendly paper pouch manufacturer, unveils a new biodegradable paper pouch.

curated news and developments in the flexible packaging market

There are a variety of curated news and developments in the flexible packaging industry in August 2022. This issue covers everything from the emergence of new biopolymer cellulose films to the acquisition of FFP Packaging Solutions. There are also a number of new start-ups making headlines in the industry.

The flexible packaging industry is an increasingly dynamic industry with a broad range of applications. This issue is sourced from the latest news, innovations, and brand launches that will help companies meet customers’ evolving needs. Additionally, our editors have curated tweets from leading stakeholders in the supply chain and our sister publications. This curated news and developments in the flexible packaging industry will be useful to businesses expanding into new markets and for SMEs looking to expand their operations.

The curated news and developments in the flexible packaging industry in August 2022 include the following: BillerudKorsnas introduces a new type of sack paper that replaces the typical plastic film barrier. Packaging Europe also announces that Death Wish Coffee has developed a new look of its coffee bags.

Challenges of real-time authentication in packaging

Real-time authentication is a promising solution to a number of challenges in the packaging industry. It can help identify products that have been tampered with and prevent them from being sold or consumed. The packaging industry can also take advantage of this technology to provide more transparency and traceability for products, helping them comply with health care reforms and regulations.

However, this technology poses a number of challenges. First of all, it requires that the product have a remote-reading chip. Additionally, it must work with home devices that can read the chip. A good example is a smart fridge. Despite its many advantages, smart packaging is not yet mature.

New sustainable packaging options from Constantia Flexibles

The Austrian company Constantia Flexibles is a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging and has long placed sustainability as a priority. It will be exhibiting its sustainable packaging solutions at the FachPack 2022 show in Nuremberg. It will be showcasing new sustainable packaging options including a compostable capsule liner. The new liner has EN13432 certification and is a perfect seal for compostable coffee capsules.

The company is introducing a new recyclable monomaterial called Perpetua Alta, which is recyclable and has excellent chemical resistance. This new material is light and more efficient than conventional laminates. It also provides excellent protection against light, water vapor, and oxygen. The packaging material is suited for pharmaceutical and other sensitive products.

The global market for sustainable packaging solutions is expected to grow rapidly during the next few years. This growth is projected to be fuelled by new product launches and geographical expansions. Constantia Flexibles expects its new green packaging solutions to play a significant role in the industry’s future.

Growing demand for flexible green packaging

As consumers become more aware of the environmental impact of their choices, there’s growing demand for sustainable packaging. The global market for flexible green packaging is expected to reach $223.3 billion in 2021 and more than $317 billion by 2027, according to BCC Research. As environmental concerns become more prevalent, packaging manufacturers and retailers are taking steps to meet these growing needs.

According to the report, paper accounted for the largest share of the flexible green packaging market in 2021. Paper is a versatile material that is inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to handle. It also provides mechanical protection. Cardboard packaging is used extensively for secondary and tertiary packaging. The retail industry is also expected to boost the growth of the flexible green packaging market.

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The packaged food industry is seeing substantial growth and increased competition. As a result, major players are launching new products and expanding geographically, which will further increase demand for flexible green packaging. The US and Europe are the main global markets for flexible green packaging. These countries are a top contender in this market, owing to their extensive recycling regulations and expanded producer responsibility.


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