The Benefits of Packaging Finishing in Herricks

benefits of packaging finishing

Visual appeal is key in packaging design and manufacturing processes in Herricks; yet printing and finishing techniques may sometimes go overlooked in production processes.

Embossing and debossing create raised print surfaces, giving packaging an air of luxury and sophistication. Foils such as hot foils or pigmented or holographic foils add another gleaming aesthetic.


Finishing can do more than add visual appeal – it also protects printed materials during shipping and handling by acting as a protective barrier from scratches, smudges, or enhance paper packaging’s tensile strength. Varnish can provide this protection and is widely used.

Foil stamping is an increasingly popular finishing technique that adds shine and dimension to packaging. Available in metallics and neon shades, foil stamping enables product details to stand out more than with just printing alone.

Lamination is a process in which transparent film adheres to paperboard sheets for protection and enhancement purposes, increasing both tensile strength and intensifying color intensity of its contents. Netpak offers various lamination options ranging from gloss lamination to soft touch lamination for premium look and feel upon customer opening of packaging.


Branded finishing can add the perfect touch to your packaging designs, creating eye-catching displays that pop off the shelf. Embossing and debossing use metal dies to impress paper with impressions from raised print surfaces that stand out against other parts of the design, providing your packaging with a premium aesthetic – ideal for high-end products.

Foil stamping is an increasingly popular branding finishing technique that combines metallic-looking print finishes with tactile textures for an immersive tactile experience. Perfect for emphasizing company logos or product imagery, foil stamping works in combination with other printing finishing methods, like spot varnish.

Soft touch lamination gives your packaging an inviting velvety texture and can add subtle textures to matte prints, foiling or embossing being among other methods of enhancement. Spot UV finish printing adds glossy highlights in certain areas of the design and adds glossiness in specific places of the printed design.


Add finishing such as embossing, foiling, textures or soft-touch lamination can add an elegant and premium aesthetic to your print product, helping it stand out on shelf and appeal directly to its target market.

Foiling adds a metallic sheen to packaging, drawing consumers’ eyes towards it and drawing attention away from other finishes such as embossing and debossing. Embossing utilizes metal dies to raise print surfaces; debossing presses them down.

Varnish is a clear liquid used to protect printed materials from scratches, dirt and other environmental influences. Varnish is an invaluable tool for designers and printers, helping to elevate product quality through longevity, resistance to environmental factors and cost efficiency when compared with alternative finishing options.


Many consumers now place emphasis on sustainable purchases when making purchases, seeking eco-friendly product packaging materials to reduce their carbon footprint and energy needs. When you use lighter packaging materials for finished goods production and shipping, your carbon footprint decreases significantly while your energy requirements can also decrease significantly.

Paper and packaging industries produce substantial carbon emissions; these emissions can be mitigated through more efficient production processes and workflow. Furthermore, selecting water-based inks such as soy/vegetable and UV inks is another way to make products more eco-friendly.

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Many brands use recycled materials to reduce their environmental impact, while the paper and packaging industry has taken steps to plant more trees than they harvest, mitigating biodiversity loss and ecosystem destruction. This is particularly effective when materials come from certified tree farms with land management practices focused on social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

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