Types of Packaging Methods in Old Bethpage, NY

No matter the goal of your business or distinguish yourself from the competition, the type of packaging used will make a huge impactful statement about yourself and set you apart from competitors. There are various forms of packaging with their own advantages and drawbacks; choosing carefully will determine its success or failure.

Primary packaging refers to any container that holds and protects a completed product for distribution and storage, while secondary packaging serves as an additional protective barrier against transportation, storage and sales of primary packages.

Paper and Cardboard Carton

Paper-based packaging materials are highly flexible. From bleaching and dying it to being easily cut into any desired shape and being adhered with all common glues, they offer endless opportunities for customization.

Common uses for paper include science experiments, costumes and children’s toys. Commercial products also often utilize this material for its visually appealing qualities.

Packaging made from plastic foam is a very popular form, as its versatility allows brands and businesses to customize it to showcase their product or brand in an attractive manner. In addition, it’s lightweight and provides numerous advantages like puncture resistance, protection from humidity, and liquid barriers.

Corrugated Boxes

Cardboard sheets and boxes made from corrugated material are sturdy, inexpensive and eco-friendly – as well as customizable to reflect a company’s image and branding needs.

Corrugated material’s fluted construction offers protection from pressure in all directions while its cushioning properties make it perfect for shipping products. These qualities make corrugated an excellent way to ship products.

Corrugated boxes come in all sorts of sizes and are easy to assemble. Additionally, they come in different thicknesses, with several adhesives, coatings, and flame retardants available – creating boxes tailored specifically to any product!

Paperboard Carton

Paperboard cartons are both recyclable and eco-friendly, making them the ideal solution for the eco-minded consumer. Plus, their graphic features and billboard appeal make an impressionful first impression that can’t be rivaled. Plus, there are multiple functions to consider!

Paper and paperboard are sheet materials composed of an interlaced network of cellulose fibres that can be formed into packaging by printing, cutting, folding, forming and gluing. Their surface finish (appearance) can be modified through sizing while additives added during stock preparation can provide special properties.

Sizing reduces the rate of water absorption into sheeting material, either hard sized or soft sized, by slowing its uptake by applying either before stock preparation or after formation for manufacture.


Shrink wrap is made of polymer plastic that shrinks down when heated using either a heat gun or conveyor heat tunnel.

Packaging designed from polythene is highly resilient and sturdy, and can withstand punctures, scratches and abrasions without damage or moisture damage. Furthermore, its unique moisture protection capabilities provide extra moisture protection as well as branding opportunities through words, pictures or colors for promotional and branding purposes.

Tamper-evidence shrink wrap offers businesses another key benefit. Certain varieties change color or leave an identifiable mark when tampered with, providing businesses with extra security during transit or storage.

Tertiary Packaging

An efficient tertiary packaging solution will guarantee that your product reaches its destination safely while saving space, optimizing resources and providing peace of mind.

Tertiary packages combine multiple smaller packages into a stock-keeping unit (SKU). This type of packaging makes handling and transport easier by creating a shipping container for small shipments – perfect for online retail businesses like Ebay! Often this type of package contains secondary packaging components like boxes, padding, separators reinforcements or bags and it may also be customized so as to stand out in warehouse environments.

Roll Bags

Roll bags are custom printed flexible packaging materials that can be easily run on multiple packaging lines, making them a popular choice for eCommerce order fulfillment, medical supplies and various consumer products.

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Poly bags made of HDPE resin provide lightweight yet sturdy protection for food, apparel, or automotive parts while remaining almost opaque – an ideal combination for storage, shipping or display purposes and reuseability.

Run-on-demand bagstock differs from preformed pouches in that it is printed and formed directly onto a roll for production runs, offering more speed, output, or long production runs than its laminated film counterpart. This makes run-on-demand an attractive solution when speed, output or long production runs are essential elements.

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