The Benefits of Antimicrobial Touch Screen Glass in Glen Head

benefits of antimicrobial touch screen glass

Modern life is filled with public touch screens, from airplane TVs and ATMs to ATMs and deli-counter kiosks – and each shared screen offers the potential for germ transference.

In order to reduce the risk of infection in Glen Head, touchscreens are frequently cleaned using antiseptic liquids; however, these wipes only offer short-term protection from germs; they cannot protect it at all times.

Reduces the risk of infections

Modern society is filled with public touch screens ranging from airplane TVs and ATMs to ATMs and deli-counter kiosks; each provides an opportunity for people to spread germs.

Silver ion touch screens feature antimicrobial agents designed to kill more than 650 different kinds of bacteria. When bacteria come near the ions, their cell walls break down, killing them instantly.

Antimicrobial glass contains permanent ions that act like permanent masks or sanitizers to decrease transmission risks; however, they cannot prevent someone from coughing into or sneezing onto it and spreading germs to those behind them.

Corning’s new technology is already being utilized on ATMs and payment terminals, while MetroClick/faytech NA will now incorporate this lab-tested antiviral glass into digital signage, kiosk and EasyShopper cart solutions – giving customers peace of mind 24/7 protection. Plus it’s EPA-certified as an environmental friendly option!

Reduces the risk of cross-contamination

Touchscreens provide the ideal conditions for pathogens to thrive due to regular contamination with unclean hands and body fluids, their warm operating temperature, and humidity’s stimulating effects on bacterial growth (Shakir, 2015). Strict cleaning protocols must be implemented within healthcare settings in order to ensure touchscreen surfaces remain as sterile as possible; however harsh chemical cleaners could damage touchscreen surfaces, creating new microcrvices where bacteria could hide.

Staff may find it impractical and time consuming to wipe all touchscreens down with liquid antiseptic after each use, wasting their precious time. Kastus provides a solution with antimicrobial glass integrated seamlessly during manufacturing that provides long-lasting germ protection on resistive and capacitive touchscreens alike – independently verified to eliminate 99% of human Coronavirus as well as widespread viruses such as Influenza A; their antimicrobial glass provides safe protection from pathogens that cause disease transmission.

Reduces the risk of allergens

As more organizations adopt touchscreens for use in their offices, classrooms, and beyond, it is crucial to minimise risk. Maintaining clean screens is often difficult. Sanitizing them by hand is impractical and ineffective when repeatedly touched.

Newline’s antimicrobial touch screen glass is made from Corning Gorilla Glass enhanced with silver ions to prevent the growth of bacteria that cause odor and stain on surfaces. The treatment remains part of the surface permanently without having any negative impact on durability or optical clarity of touch screens.

Antimicrobial touch screen glass offers businesses looking to improve the hygiene of their touchscreen devices a reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective option for increasing hygienic standards. Silver ions embedded within it remain active under room light conditions and become activated by sunlight’s UV rays as soon as exposed; making antimicrobial touchscreen glass an economical yet sustainable solution.

Reduces the risk of stains

Touchscreen displays provide us with an efficient means of interacting with electronics, and have become increasingly prevalent in public spaces such as ATMs, elevator displays and even restaurants. Unfortunately, their convenience comes at the cost of stain- and odor-causing bacteria forming on their surfaces quickly.

To prevent infections, screens need to be regularly disinfected with UV light – although this method could increase touchscreen degradation risk and energy use.

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An antimicrobial coating provides an alternative solution that can be easily applied to the outer surface of touch screens. This technology uses a transparent antimicrobial coating that’s easy to clean and will last throughout its lifetime; silver ions attached to glass surfaces kill over 650 species of bacteria by breaking down cell walls and killing off their hosts; this feature has proven its worth in multiple studies.

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