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Corrugated and Paperboard Boxes

Boxes in Mesa, USA play an integral part in logistics systems. They must withstand harsh elements like weather, bumpy roads, sudden temperature shifts and rough handling while protecting and safeguarding products safely and intact – something a corrugated box designed by an expert engineer does successfully.

Corrugated fiberboard consists of an outer liner and inner medium adhered together on flat sheets of heavy paper known as containerboard, and boasting fluted patterns made up of various fluting profiles rated A-E on their medium layers.

Profiled boxes are designed to withstand a range of conditions, such as compression strength, cushioning capacity and graphic printing capabilities; all these features are regulated by Global Recycle Standards (GRS). Coatings may also be applied to protect from abrasion and moisture damage as well as to preserve stability while creating an appealing aesthetic – and must meet GRS criteria while meeting industry standards regarding environmental, social and chemical criteria.


VSL Packaging provides customized printed box and packaging solutions, such as prototypes, 3D rendering, proofs and final products with multiple finishing options. Established in 2019, they are located in New York City.

The tight packaging of the present invention may take the form of commercial packs such as SP, PTP, pillow packages or stick packages. Package materials could include resins like biaxially oriented polypropylene (OPP), glucose-modified PET (PET-G), biaxially oriented nylon PA (ONy, PA) and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer resin EVA; metal foils like aluminum foil AL and hard vinyl chloride film among others.

SUMILITE(r) VSL SERIES moisture proof composite sheeting consists of rigid PVC single layer sheet SUMILITE(r) VSS and PVDC (poly-vinylidene chloride). This product fulfills stringent WVTR property requirements to be used as primary packaging material for pharmaceutical blister packs containing capsuled drugs, non-pyrazolone painkilling drugs, and antibiotics.

Custom Printing

VSL Packaging provides printing services ranging from prototypes, 3D rendering, proofs and final products, with various finishing options such as lamination and embossing available. They strive to reduce environmental impacts while helping their customers meet sustainability goals.

Design and Engineering services provided by this Memphis company also incorporate logos or other branding elements into its packaging solutions. Headquartered at 6400 Poplar Ave Memphis TN 38197 they specialize in paper packaging solutions designed to help their clients compete effectively in today’s competitive business environment.

Corrugated boxes, folding cartons and other paper solutions provided by Paper Solutions International. Their vast array of print and e-commerce solutions is also an industry standard. Their global presence reaches over 285 locations around the world. As one of the premier paper and packaging companies in USA, Paper Solutions International offer product packaging for retail outlets as well as industrial applications aimed at helping their customers expand their businesses and increase profitability.

Packaging Solutions

VSL Packaging provides industrial packaging solutions that include corrugated boxes, display boxes, and folding cartons. In addition, this company also provides product design and engineering services, with products designed to minimize environmental impacts while meeting quality standards; custom printing of logos on each package is also offered.

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Additionally, sustainable packaging solutions are fueling global market expansion. This trend can be traced back to both e-commerce growth and increasing consumer awareness about non-biodegradable wastes; additionally, flexible plastics like biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) and polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) play an integral part in driving this trend forward.

Veritiv Corporation is an international packaging, paper, and facility solution provider with more than 230 locations worldwide. Their flexible film packaging solutions include retortable films, pouches, and trays; while they also provide printing, labeling, shrink sleeve application services.

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